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6:40 p.m. - 2009-09-17
Travails And Travels

Seems so long between posts lately. Hopefully I'll have something to say today.

Julie's been traveling a fair bit, first to Cairo and today, she's coming back after four(?) nights in Brussels. Lyra and I have been getting along VERY well and having some fun.

Took her to the snow park at Ski Dubai as a reward for her filling out a portion of her chore chart. Also had a bit of a crazy time at an 'International' Iftar at her school. I made Pol-Am cabbage rolls and put four of the eighteen I made out on the eight long tables which were soon filled with a plethora of delights including TWO whole roasted lambs on beds of rice. It was crazy trying to get food as it wasn't very organised. Who puts plates at both ends of a table? At least they could have had each side going in one direction. It was very noisy in the cafeteria. They did some Quran readings (no applause please, but some did) and a power point presentation on Islam. I don't go in for that too much but liked the Quran chanting in a musical sense. Only real complaint is that the carnival part of it didn't take place until fifteen minutes before her usual bedtime. Still, kept her out only a half hour later than normal.

Ramadan is nearly over and we'll be taking the Eid holiday in Thailand -- Phuket actually. I might go and research it a little bit seeing that I still need to pack for a flight that leaves in about 12 hours.

One thing nice about having Ramadan over is that school will now go an extra two hours. I've signed up Lyra for some after school activities that are free. I didn't know about these until two days ago and I hope that she'll be able to get into at least one of them.

She already has piano on Sundays, ballet on Mondays and, if it works out, she'll have Film Making on Tuesdays (with a second choice of Aikido) and, hopefully because this is the one she wants the most, yoga on Wednesdays.

Well, I better get packing. Maybe I'll think of some wittier stuff as I'm doing that. It seems I'm always forgetting stuff to say. Maybe an occasional short blog entry is the way to go.

Right! Time to change the videos!


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