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6:22 p.m. - 2009-09-26

So we were sitting in the airport at Phuket having some spicy Thai supper before our flight. It was the ONLY spicy food we had there. They toned it down at another place we had it. Anyway, a 747 pulls up. This is a really small airport. Not only was that our little island hopper but it was also the flight to Bangkok for at least two other gates and it filled up.

We get to Bangkok and needed to find and get boarding passes for our flight to Dubai. It was tight timing but the flight was oversold so just Julie was upgraded into business class. She had to be up in a few hours from landing so hopefully she could catch some sleep. Lyra and I got onto the plane in economy and there were stairs in it. I didn't see the plane from the outside as it was already dark and I wondered what if it could be ... and it WAS an Airbus A-380! Sweet! It's really quiet on the inside as it is on the outside. Another aviation first for us! Wheee!


6:41 p.m. - 2009-09-19
Day Two Phuket

Thought about renting a scooter today to go to Poohavntang Beach or whatever the fuck it's called. Can you tell that I've had a few mudslides?

I regret not renting it but I realise that I'm all bark and no bite especiallly if I have a few beers during the day.

Went to a tailor today and Julie, Lyra and I have ordered a bunch of stuff. Me in particular has on it's way, my idea of a 60's suit and a super cool jacket that has a nehru thing going on.

Lyra saw her first 'ladyboy' performance. It was shitty and it was at a hotel dinner. When your travelling with a six year old, you need to take what you can get.

I could elaborate on these things and still might, but I'm not in the frame of mind right now. I need to blog earlier in the day.

I think now I'm going to smoke a stogie on the balcony and listen to the surf.


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