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10:12 a.m. - 2009-06-21
Father's Day

I received a home made collage from Lyra that included pictures of flowers, kitties, doggies, meats and beer and wine. There was also a Union Jack decorated electric guitar on it.

We went to a Saturday brunch with another family after swimming and I had two delicious bloody marys a little on the spicy side but I was in the mood. It's a good brunch because you choose off of a menu and don't have to schlep all over the place to get your grub. They bring out small portions on great big plates. This brunch probably leaves a fairly large carbon footprint. The people we went with are, again, a family that we met through our daughter. I guess they're Springsteen fans. I had to explain my Russface nickname to them which takes SO long.

Went home to sleep off the food and then played tennis with Roger who beat me 10-8 but the games were close so I was cool with it. We had a couple of beers afterwards and I taught yet another bartender Fiona, a feisty blonde (according to a co-worker) at Irish Village how to make a Moscow Mule.

Getting started on packing up Lyra's things and I might also get some of the stuff I need to bring together.


7:53 a.m. - 2009-06-17
Last Day Of School

Ok. Time to think of fun stuff to do that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We only have another week here in Dubai. You can tell that many people have already left for the Summer. One more week for us.

Basil looks like crap and his grooming appointment was canceled. I guess I'll run the rake over him and see what I can do before he goes into the boarding kennel.

Went into school a little early today. Lyra was more eager to get there early to play with her friends a final time. I reminded her to thank Ms' Nasser and Maria with hugs. We pulled in next to a Maserati so I took the time to explain how the (many) calipers work on disc brakes. I explained why their drilled for cooling. I'm probably NEVER going to bust knuckles with her working on cars unless we one day get something old that isn't all high tech. Who knows? Maybe we'll build a little dragster one day.

I think that I'm going to be taking part in a 24 hour bike race in the neighbourhood where I grew up. A woman that we met at a community center asked on Facebook who was interested and three other friends and one of their boyfriends and myself are on a team. I like to keep connected to the old neighbourhood. I would not mind living there again but where we live is only 10 minutes away and is also super cool.


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