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11:37 a.m. - 2009-06-15

I don't know why I've been less bloggy lately. I don't seem to have the energy to change the vids lately. Must have a lot on my mind plus the no smoking thing too kind of figures into it.

Played the absolute worst tennis of my life last night. I can't believe how many times I hit it far, hit it short, hit it wildly and even missed a couple by whiffing.

I was confident going in and was hitting fast serves during my warm up then it just fell apart. To his credit, Roger was hitting some nice winners on the rare occasion that I'd hit something playable. I lost 3-10. He'd have played longer but I was actually getting pissed off at myself and not showing any signs of progressing. For awhile, I thought I'd make a game of it but it all went kaput.

Lyra's and our friends are leaving tomorrow for Florida and we won't see them for a couple of months. Lyra already was hugging Liza this morning. They'll be the second group of friends gone for the Summer. We hope to be able to hook up with some others before the mass Summer exodus.

Won't be long til we head back, but still have nine more days. That's ok. Have some stuff to tie up around here. besides final get-togethers the washing machine is broken. Again.

It's making a horrible sound as if there's a chain dangling on the outside of the drum. I took the back out and I think there's a broken fan on the vent. Stupid thing. That's something that should never break. Also the A/C in my room is making it's quarter annual crap out. Piece of junk. I'm getting grouchy just writing about it. It's time to sign our new lease. We think we should get a reduction in the rental price as the market has dropped like a mofo (as I predicted, but for a different reason).

At least the weather has been less hellish than I remember or I'm getting used to it. Playing tennis at night, one gets quite slimy from sweat and humidity. It actually gets worse when standing still. yuk.

Oh yeah! Finally got the Toyota FJ back from the body shop. They pretty much replaced the entire drivers side of the car. It just took them 33 days to do it. It looks good but I got used to the low riding Mazda and howl the tires around corners if I go that fast in the top heavy FJ. The tires need replacing soon. I think I'm going to get wide street tires for it. They'll be good enough, probably better in sand too. The stock tires are all terrain type and more for snowy, muddy stuff.

Lyra had her first piano recital this past weekend and did well marching right up. Unfortunately another girl, more nervous I guess or a holdover from the previous session went up in Lyra's spot. That's ok as I was able to tell the MC how to pronounce our last name while the queue jumper plonked whatever out.

Cool! The repair superdudes are here.

I have a couple of Facebook friends from Denmark and they'll have messages on their walls in Danish. The Danish word for 'soon' grabbed my attention so I used a translator to find out what it meant. I like the word and use it sometimes instead of 'soon' and a couple of others started using it and I don't know about them, but I'm laughing at all the silliness. Pretty snart, a bunch of people will hopefully use it.


11:19 a.m. - 2009-06-13
It's Just Entertainment!

I'm feeling a little ill from dropping those anti-smoking meds. It's probably due to not eating when taking it.

Last night we went with some friends to see a show that had horses in it. It's locally produced and aside from being early in it's run, the children enjoyed it. I had a great seat. Later on, we were able to pet the horses and I've never felt more comfortable around nags as I did then.

I have forever been sick of right wing talk TV, radio, books, etc.

It is the purposefully blind who don't think that it has bred fear, hate, and loathing of others in the lowest common denominator of the human psyche.

People would just shrug it off and say things like "It's just entertainment" or "They don't mean anything by it." How wrong you are and shame on you for helping to enrich the jackbooted bosses of society.

As Rush liked to say and I must say. I told you so.


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