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8:47 a.m. - 2009-04-26
Au Revoir Ape.

I was just outside watering and weeding and ran into our neighbour who had been homing the infant baboon. I asked how the re-homing was going and she took him in yesterday. He's not at a zoo (yet?) rather at a place that boards animals of all types and sizes. According to them, he has a harness attached to a tether that lets him roam about. It lets him interact with horses and other creatures supposedly.

When I was speaking with Ronell, I was holding their dachshund. He has a little scar tissue on the tip of his ear from Baboo. A little reminder for all of them that they probably got rid of him at the right time. Well, they're probably reminded by their own bite marks. That ape was lucky to have lived with them for nearly half a year to get conditioned pretty well.

I never got to say goodbye or even interact too much with Baboo but I'm not unhappy about it. I'm just glad that their family remained relatively unscathed. I did get a chance to visit with him a couple of times. I'm not used to giving treats to an animal that has hands. It kind of wigged me out. There's a certain protocol with apes. He'd turn his back to me in deference and I probably should have groomed him but I wasn't trying to be his friend. If he would have ever bitten me, he would have been thrown a great distance. I don't care how sweet he 'could' be. I'm sure they had a lot of fun with him but he was quite destructive. They have no house plants left. I would have given him one of those puzzle things that need to be rolled around to get a treat out of, or devised something. That might have been kind of fun.

My sister and her husband are arriving in about TEN DAYS! That means they'll be in Rome soon. I hope she was able to score a Time Out guide for that city. If you ever need a guide book for a major city, consider the guides by Time Out. We've used them for years now and each and every restaurant / bar recommendation has been spot on. It's all well and good to discover favourite places but a Time Out guide seems like having a local let you know where some cool places are.


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