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9:55 a.m. - 2009-04-27
The Fly

The flies in Dubai are gross. Not just because they're flies but that they are huge in number, have ample rubbish to land and get more gross but they are also quite adept at zeroing in on a pleasant outdoor meal. There seem to be many more types of little "fruit" flies too.

When I was at the Organic store I bought a fly trap for outside that works rather well. They fly in and are too stupid to fly out. And now I have little decorative fly strips that go onto windows for indoor usage. There was a full sized fly on one of the indoor traps that I thought was dead and I picked it off to see how sticky the glue was that's on the trap. The fly was still alive so I was going to flush it down the toilet. As I threw it down toward the water, it made an admirable recovery and flew off again.

Ghoulish me wishes a slow agonizing death upon that fly.


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