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7:25 p.m. - 2009-04-03
I'll Let You In On A Little Secret

It's the last day for Pam, Jerry and Ellia's visit. We had a brilliant time and don't seem sick of each other at all.

Today, we went to Atlantis' water park using our coupons which saved hundreds of dirham. It was a rather high perf place.

We were going to to brunch but thought the girls would prefer this. And they did. Lyra was too little to go on the really exciting rides but when you have a 'lazy' river with whitewater, she was plenty happy. Jerry and I did the 'Leap Of Faith' which is almost vertical before going through a clear tube through a shark tank (didn't see any ... too fast).

Instead of brunch, I decided to use up some of the 18 cups of instant yeast I had unopened. I always think I'm going to make bread but I never do. So today, I decided to make yeast pancakes and let me say, I'll ALWAYS make them this way. I'm not that into thick pancakes because they're too doughy for my taste. I thought at first that I'd make some great big pannekoeken but after skimming a few recipes (five seconds each) decided on regular sized cakes.

I put some yeast into water and had the girls measure out some flour, sugar and baking powder (I was hedging my bet here) into the dry ingredients. Then I had Lyra crack two eggs into a bowl and had Ellia stir those into some yogurt. They combined the wet ingredients and mixed them in with a little oil. There didn't seem like there was much blooming going on in the yeast and bubbles in the batter were virtually non-existent. Still when I fried them up in an oil butter mixture, adding some blueberries then, they turned out great! I served them with some German frankfurters and it was all good with apple butter, peanut butter, maple syrup. Smacznego!


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