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8:05 a.m. - 2009-04-05
Buggin' Out!

We went to our friends yesterday for steaks. We brought shrimp and wine along. I maintain that shrimp should be peeled just so I don't have to do it once they're cooked. Yep, I'll sacrifice a little flavour for that convenience.

We want to return the favour and are planning a slumber party for all four of them on Friday. We have a guest room so we may as well use it especially now that Jerry cleaned out the screen on the faucet in there.

I woke up EARLY after the festivities and managed only two additional hours of sleep after waking up thirsty at 0230. When I went for water, the faucet in OUR room was running slowly so, I cleaned out that screen. Much better. I don't know why suddenly there are a bunch of gritty deposits lodging themselves in the aerators.

Was putting a bag into the rubbish bin when I saw a roach scurrying along the sink. I HOPE it came up from the drain as we keep a rather tidy house and I don't believe we have an infestation. I bunged him into the drain and cooked the heck out of him with the boiling hot water this house provides.

Over half a year ago, these gargantuan roaches found their way into the guest room. I'm talkin' about over 5 cm. in length. I can only assume they came up through the drains. I put down traps for them, sprinkled cocoa powder mixed with borax down the overflows and that seemed to do the trick. Glue traps aren't always available so I'm glad I have some in reserve. I'll monitor carefully for any standard sized critters and take 'em out quickly.

Can't wait for your visit!


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