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1:07 p.m. - 2009-04-01
Return From Turkey

Our guests and we came back from Turkiye on a red eye a few hours ago. It was quite the feast of history, natural wonder, food and drink.

We started off with three nights in Istanbul and after getting settled, went for lunch at a place nearby. We were quite amused that it had a bumper sticker from a Milwaukee tavern displayed prominently for all to see. For those unfamiliar, there's a bar called Wolski's in an old section of Milwaukee that's been around for years. It's well worth checking out if you go and visit. If you close the bar, they pass out an 'I Closed Wolski's' bumper sticker. I'm sure they're all over the world.

(When, not if, you go to Istanbul, don't stay in Sultanhamet, it dies in the evening. Stay in Begyolu or maybe Karakoy).

We went and saw the big sights with the kids and had a guide this time which kept us from having out noses in a guidebook. We went to an island for a few hours instead of taking a trip along the Bosphorus like last time. The girls enjoyed the horse drawn carriage ride and all laughed at the smelly horse farts.

Jerry and I had one late night out. Could have probably seen Replikas but didn't wish to search them out preferring just to bar hop a bit. Then we went to this place which was awe inspiring, a little.

Did a lot of hiking and more drinking and eating some really, really good food.

I'm tired so maybe I'll add some more stuff later.

Doesn't matter. Just try to go there if you can.


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