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1:39 a.m. - 2009-02-08
Cuttin' Out Coupons

One thing about being parents is how the kids facilitate making social connections.

Lyra made a friend of a new girl in her school and the family, new from The States came to her birthday party. They, in turn, invited us to their daughters party yesterday where we met some other new transplants, one of which became friend number 98 on my Facebook account.

They have an almost four year old and Lyra went and got a piece of paper to ask her dad for their number so the two of them could get together. That's a first! I didn't even have to go through any of that because our daughter did the work. Nice.

When many of the other guests left, out came the beer and wine. We hung out for awhile then came home for a short nap before Julie and I went out on our date to Barasti; a place I've been wanting to check out. It's a long, long way from home so we drove. This is a dicey situation here in the land of zero tolerance drink driving. I've never seen a car pulled over for 'stuff' so it's a bit of a (foolhardy) calculated risk. But never mind that.

Barasti is in the Marina area of Dubai which has a lot of action. It's on the beach. Check it out now: Fat Boy Slim is "playing" there next week. What a great swindle he's got goin' on. Lucky bastard.

Julie bought one of those entertainment books that gives you two for one on a bunch of stuff like entrees, water parks, blah blah and it saved us nearly 40 bucks last night.

Barasti is mostly a singles scene with a crap two piece combo using a backing track (no drummer, no bass) playing covers. Typical. There are like five bars in the venue and it was crowded. As the nights are still quite cool, it gave Julie and I a chance to wear some of our Middle Eastern ethnic clothes. I was immediately complimented on my long sleeved Afghan thing and Julie was looking sharp wearing this Indo-Pakistani wool jacket and her Emma Peel-ish boots.

I had a rib-eye and Julie had a duck salad. Both dishes were well prepared though we could not see them as it was dark where we were sitting. It is not the kind of place you go for a romantic evening. Rather, it's the kind of place where you go looking for some pum pum. But it's crawling with a ton of lummoxes; security guards, and they'd probably kick your horny asses out if you were copping too many feels.

I drank Guinness so I was sober (if I were in Wisconsin).


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