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9:00 a.m. - 2009-02-09
Ion. The Romanian Circuit Board

When we signed our new lease, we had to assume the costs of maintaining the appliances.* We didn't mind as usually a renter here needs to supply their own. Our place came fully equipped. We also get to pass on any expenses to Julie's company as required.

A few months ago, the washing machine (new with the house) began to act strangely. It worked fine except it would not drain completely at the end of the cycle. I pulled the machine out to make sure the hose wasn't kinked and considered pulling out the panel to see if there was a coin in the hose (might still do that).

I'd just hang up the stuff sopping wet which was fine by me. Julie discovered that if you reach under the sink and turn off the water supply and run an additional spin cycle, things would be as if they ran a complete automatic turn.

I don't usually call in help for things from the get go. I'm savvy enough to know that modern appliances have their own electronic brains and most repairs entail a complete change out of the whole board. I knew it wasn't a motor or belt problem. Run it til destruction is often times my way of thinking.

So for a few months, we ran that additional spin cycle and I was ok with that. It reminded me of using a wringer washer. It's easy for me to be philosophical about shit like this and harken back to the days of olde.

So earlier this week, things started to really go amiss. First indication was the machine not 'knowing' to shut off the water to itself. Ok. NOW we're getting somewhere! I shut it down and tried to do a different setting -- a half hour full cycle. Nuh uh. I cut power to the machine (I love British Standard electrical), and tried again. Ok. I smell an electrical 'fire.'

Savvy. Remember?

Now I knew a tech was needed here. I tried it a couple of more times and the lights on the machine front begged me to do something by blinking wildly.

Three days later the guys come in and, sure as shootin' the circuit board was fried. See? I 'fixed' it through scientific observation! Now we just have to wait a week for a new circuit board. Don't worry. We have a lot of clothing in reserve.

* The swimming pool, I guess is also an appliance as we are also now required to pay for it's twice weekly upkeep. It's a good thing I'm not doing that myself as a pump went out last week (just a loose wire) and I would have not realised this until warmer weather set in. (maybe).


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