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10:46 a.m. - 2009-02-04
What's There To Eat?

I'm having one of those mornings where I open the fridge and can't find anything that appeals to me. So I ate a couple pieces of cheese. My cooking jag hasn't kicked in yet.

Went a saw a "musical" at Lyra's school last night. It was fun watching Lyra watching it. It began too late for her but she made it without grousing because I was thinking ahead and made her have some quiet time after our errands (she watched 60's Spiderman cartoons while I snored away on the davenport).

I wish Jet Girl would kill the fly in the house already! She should get off of her old cat ass and hop to it. She, and the fly, must be near either the patio doors or the front window for her 'hunt' to be a success. She's still fast but she's a cat and needs her 16 hours of sleep. I'm looking at her now. We have the BEST pets!

I miss having an aquarium but am glad that we're not staying here long enough to get one. There's a part of me that wants to move to Brussels for a year or two (three?). Leave a note or email me with your thoughts.

I must arrange a tennis match. I joined a league and I still need to go in to pay my dues. I have NOT been exercising like I had been but I HAVE been smoking (some) like I used to. So, I'll either go in to exercise or get the oil changed in the Toyota. I miss going to the club.

Some friends have booked flights to come to Dubai. I think we're going to go to Istanbul with them. They have a daughter who used to live with Lyra when they were babies. They're tight and we're tight with with the 'rents. I have three different bottles of Scotch that we'll put a dent into.

I miss bowling in Milwaukee. On Facebook some friends are talking about bowling and it's made me pine for some Sunday afternoons having Bloody Mary's with beer chasers and a nap afterwords.


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