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6:57 a.m. - 2009-09-05
Giant Rat

I was outside yesterday and saw a big fat rat ambling across the street. I thought to myself, 'yeee uck' and followed it where it was resting along a wall. There was a car parked just a meter away from it so the rock I was going to use had a good chance of ricocheting and damaging the car. I had a good shot at it but lobbed rather than whipping the rock at it. I missed and it got away eventually. I had another chunk of concrete that I wanted to chuck at it but again, there was a risk of damaging something on the villa where it was standing. Maybe it ate some poison and it was going to die anyway. I say this only because it was not acting like a rat. It was out in the middle of the day and not being very cautious.

We went with friends out to dinner. It was three couples and we went to an Argentinian steak place where the food was awesome. Me the women dressed up a bit where the other two guys dressed down.

I ordered a cocktail off the menu called 'The Fernando' because I was in an adventurous mood. It had an herbaceous flavour that worked as an apertif OR a digestif. Nobody but me liked it.

After we ate, some ordered dessert and I ordered a mate' (having just seen "The Motorcycle Diaries"). I stopped the guy from adding a lot of sugar and the drink tasted like bong water. I had the table laughing and tasting it. I kept drinking it telling myself it had healing powers. It probably didn't as it tasted like steeped ashtray tea.


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