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11:31 a.m. - 2009-02-18
Trying To Get Stoked About Posting A Boss Entry

On Facebook, I'm trying to include in all statements, comments, replies, etc. some 60's slang. I thought I use it in today's give and takes, but aside from 'cool', I really don't.

A bunch of stuff's been happening in our world. Two weekends ago there was an International Day at Lyra's school. It was a lot of fun. There are so VERY many different nationalities at her school and most of them set up stands showing off cultural items and had informational placards set up. The USA's info had stuff from that email: 'Only In The USA' and that made me want to get more involved next year. I think featuring Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll would be a good place to start, even though the roots of those musical genres, like most things, are from Africa. They had people bring food that is traditional in their cultures. What a feast. They had so many good things that were home-cooked that you would not often see in an ethnic restaurant. It was all free.

Went golfing nearly a week ago with a two for one coupon. The course was ok, not a links course like they said and worth the half price we paid. It had a good bar and restaurant for the 19th hole. Dude I went with wants to go again with the families in tow which I'm down with as they have a waterpark nearby for the kids for which we also have coupons.

As long as we were in the neighbourhood, we stopped at the liquor store for some beer. I'm so overstocked with booze. As I drink mostly beer, I would have to make a real effort to put a dent into some of the other things. Please come for a bacchanalian visit!

Last week, Lyra and I were invited to beach it with some moms and their daughters. I LIKE being the only guy at these things. I only hang out with intelligent people so the company is good. I converse with some of their girl talk which makes me easier to relate to. No wonder chicks dig me. It's easy to tune out the boring bits.

This past weekend we went into the mountains for a one night camp out. It would have been better if we were able to spend two nights as it's kind of a drag setting up and tearing down for just a one nighter. But the scenery was beautiful and there were other campers staying there. Lyra was able to play with some girls her age.

I needed to loan my lug nut wrench to a fellow camper because Dodgy, the world record pissing champion dog locked himself in their car. He totally felt like a moron having left keys, phone and who knows what else in the car.

Dodgy is a cool little dog. He should have been allowed in the tent where he could go into and out of the sleeping bag fifteen times like Basil does with us. Ugh! Bas must have known I was typing about him. He just let a groady one fly!


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