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7:10 a.m. - 2009-02-25
Thinking Outside The Box

This morning, I went upstairs to assist Lyra with her ponytail and noticed how she had two pair of her underwear hanging from the drawer pull in her closet. I wondered if perhaps they were damp.

I inquired about this and she explained that it was 'so she didn't have to open the drawer to get them' in other words, a way for her to save time and effort. As her underwear drawer is behind an eight foot wardrobe door, I kind of understood her logic.

Her emotions have lately been on the sensitive, bordering on the brooding, grousing side, so I did my best to overrule this idea remembering it was morning; not the best time for conflict. I let her know that the panties made the room look a little bit cluttered as she also wanted to leave the big door open. I myself lead quite the cluttered life so it's hard to tell how much of an effect that can have! She quickly became a upset.

I kept my cool (sort of) and asked her why she just didn't leave them on the floor as that would even be easier. I added that if she leaves the door open, we'd run the risk of having one of the cats get trapped were they to decide on a nap inside of the closet and then have the door closed on them.

She huffed and puffed and cried a little. She needed "Warm" her favourite blanket that she relies on for comfort. Warm is in the laundry.

She once told me that she 'loves Warm so much ... ' but then she tailed off on her statement. When encouraged to tell me, she hesitated then reluctantly said that she 'kind of loves 'him' more than me'. Of course I wasn't bothered by this, smiling to myself at her growth.

She seemed to mostly get over it and when we arrived at school, I tried to encourage in her the complex notion of coming up with ideas; to KEEP coming up with ideas and to always try new things, new ways of looking at things but that not all ideas are going to work. I said this as I was helping her from the car. I asked if she understood what I was saying and she said something like 'a little.'

I'm never quite sure if I should bring stuff like this up later in the day or just wait for another instance to occur.


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