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6:14 p.m. - 2009-02-01
So Tired

On Facebook I saw this little time waster where you put your itunes or whatever on shuffle and 'answer' questions as if your life were a movie soundtrack. Here's my random shuffle life listed by scene, artist and song.

Opening Credits: Danko Jones - 'Play The Blues'

Waking Up: Demolition Doll Rods - 'Take It Off'

First Day At School: Sor Kendine - 'Ersen'

Falling In Love: The Intruders - 'Now That You Know'

Fight Song: The Detroit Cobras - 'I'm A Bad Girl'

Breaking Up: Status Quo - 'Spinning Wheel Blues'

Prom: Huelyn Duvall - 'Comin' Or Goin'

Life's OK: The New Dimensions - 'Chicky Run'

Mental Breakdown: The Breeders - 'Rave On'

Driving: The Trashmen - 'Walk Don't Run'

Flashback: The Animals - 'Bring It On Home To Me'

Getting Back Together Song: Baris Manco - 'Ben Bilirim'

Wedding: The Phantom Surfers - 'Banzai Run'

Birth of Child: The Fourmost - 'A Little Loving'

Final Battle: The Shadows - 'Apache'

Death Scene: The Yardbirds - 'Mr. Saboteur'

Funeral Song: The Yardbirds - ' Happenings Ten Years Time Ago'

Seeing that there are some things from the same album tells me I need to put some more music onto my itunes.

I think you can tell a LOT by somebodies music collection.

Because you're not supposed to cheat, I found myself rooting for certain songs. Why couldn't 'Personality Crisis' come up for 'mental breakdown?'

Last night I managed just snippets of sleep. I fell asleep on the couch til around midnight and stayed awake until 0345 when I tried to go upstairs and sleep. I don't like to do that as I disturb Julie's sleep. All I managed to do was read a bit before I came back downstairs.

As wake up time for Lyra approached, I started to nod off. That's no good! I took two naps today the first being one hour and the second just 10 minutes. I feel awake now at 1805 so hopefully, tonight I'll be able to sleep through the night.

I was nodding off so I went outside to rotate some plants. The tree died but some stuff that had been dormant are starting to take off.

I'm listening to the piano go through its performance demo; hearing all the hits!

I'm sick of my blogs being a bit of a bore.


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