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4:30 p.m. - 2009-01-31
What A Loser

Clear Channel Pays Nazi Propagandist A Cool 400 Mil

Some Democracy

I was reading about Rush Limbaugh. What an asshole hypocrite.

It's really VERY hard for me to understand why people like what he has to say. It's lies and distortions. Don't people ever think for themselves?

What a Hermann Goehring motherfucker. He appeals to the fear of white people, almost all uneducated.

It's a good thing for him that I'm a liberal.

Hey, I like what Maddow, et al say but that doesn't stop me from looking at other views.

I always wondered how right wing talk radio came to be. It was during the Raygun years when The Fairness Doctrine was eliminated. That required broadcasters to allow other viewpoints to what their on-air personalities had to say. The right wing groups are starting to line up in case the Obama administration wishes to re-implement it (no plans as of yet) saying it's a violation of free speech and other distortions. They can still say what they want but they'd have to give opposing views their say. Seems fair and balanced to me.

Please Obama. Put some regulatory tooth back into our airwaves. We see how deregulation has helped the economy.

Never forget.

I don't like to get political here but geez. At least listen to NPR. Think for yourselves.


9:08 a.m. - 2009-01-31
Al Ain Air Show

Yesterday, we and the neighbours went to Al Ain near Abu Dhabi for an air show. I remember as a child looking forward to air shows when in Milwaukee. They stopped them after a vintage Nieuport crashed near a trailer park or something.

This one was pretty good. They had wing walking women from Sweden and Julie and I waved using our arms and legs just like they did. There was a Grand Prix where the planes flew around pylons, a Saudi aerobatic team using Hawk trainers just like The Red Arrows and other teams doing some stunts that probably would not be allowed in the UK or USA.

After looking at the static displays, I came back to where we were sitting and was amazed by this extremely quiet jet doing unbelievable stunts and thought to myself how far materials science has come. I could not understand how the pilot did not black out. I then realized that the plane was a radio controlled jet. Yep. A real jet screaming along at unbelievable speeds. It made me want to give RC a go but -- I won't. Some real planes were doing stunts never before seen by me. They'd pour on the power and "rudder walk" down the flight line. Most of the teams were from Italy. I forget what all the stunts are called only remembering 'hammerheads.'

It's Julie's birthday today. She had Oeufs en Meurette served in bed by her daughter and a card from me. She is now enjoying an hour or two of alone time with her book. The dish I made was similar to the eggs I had last week. It turned out rather well even though I could not find chanterelles nor pearl onions. I substituted oyster and porcini mushrooms and diced onions. I used German belly bacon for the lardons and Basil enjoyed the rind from that.

She'll get some special oily attention from me later today.


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