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9:38 a.m. - 2009-10-01
I'm Going To Try Something Here

Sorry in advance for people on my friends list but these are my nearly one months worth of status updates from Facebook in chronological order (a very few have selected video / pics associated with them). You have to put 'Russ' in front of each ... or not:

Supermarionation rules

is enjoying a bottle of Spitfire

watched T-Rex in concert. Are green satin trousers in his future?


is thinking about jangly tone.

is being inconvenienced by the many women using all the gym apparatus.

hatte gebackenen Bohnen und Weiners zum Abendessen.

thinks he may have just inhaled, through his nose, a gnat. Olfactory filtering system: Do your work.

tidied after partying with four chicks.

Good Night Everybody!

is proud of Lyra's skink spotting skills.

is thinking tonight's Tooth Fairy might be 2 1/2 year old Sindee. Because I'm just shined up enough to give her a stripper name.

aka The Tooth Fairy, left FIFTY Dirhams instead of Five! Doh! It was dark.

had an enjoyable morning with Chris, John and their Brazilian friends. Tru 'dat!*

asks you: What the heck is wrong with FB?

needs suggestions on a good digestif.

thinks that Facebook has not had it's shit together for more than two days.

family is together for a couple of days.

teamed up with Julie to make a Thai inspired tossed green salad with prawns.

came close to copping up some bongos.

was pleased to receive "Live At WMSE Vol 7" in the mail.

will be on the courts this morning.

"celebrating" the missed big finish while doing the school run with a ham and egg sarnie and coffee.

Vodka martini up and Ardennes Pâté. It's what's for supper.

needs to ask Julie to add vodka to the list -- weird ones that aren't flavoured.

"Socialism" my arse. Fire and police departments and libraries -- THAT'S Socialism!

For all you 'bad girls' on my friend list, An Oblivians song.

Good night everybody!

Good morning everybody.


didn't watch anything last night.

took the kiddo to Ski Dubai because she filled out a section of her chore chart.

is winging it with the Gołąbki.

made a LOT of Gołąbki and has leftovers. Verdict? Fairly smaznego.

asks: Who's this Kansas West guy and why is everybody talking about him?

beer is gone and he's hittin' the sackeroonie -- alone. Again.

is pleased with the ease and functionality of his fly trap.

purchased a set of swim fins for Lyra. How much you want to bet the 'lost' ones show up?

should be packing.

is consuming the perishables.

was chuffed that the acoustic quintet in the hotel opened with "Walk Don't Run."

daughter saw her first drag show this evening.

is awake and can't thing of anything witty to say.

and Julie might opt for Thai massages every day we're here. Twelve bucks!

wishes he was at The Bay View Bash.

chipped in for two, pulled his archery muscle and is drinking a LOT of pineapple juice.

is fairly sure that his cats overtures are purely mercenary.

saw an abaya wearin' hipster chick as evidenced by her three year old; who was wearing a classic Ramones t-shirt.

has a secret.

Halloween costume ideas for a group of you. But who do I know that can pull off Gillian Hills?

has a Thai inspired green coconut curry waiting here ...

Julie frolics in the Phuket surf.

is hiding stuff.

had a great time with Liz, Tim* and the girls. Steaks required little, if any A-1 Sauce.

is getting psyched about the Halloween / Guy Fawkes fancy dress party that we'll be hosting on November 6th!

Cream Dory en Papillote.

is REALLY in the mood for a karaoke night!

walked Basil through a choking haze of chemically smelling smoke; not the somewhat common "Mirdiff stink."

Saudi feta, kalamata and sundried tomato omelette. I was hungry

At Dubai Mall.

Because it's cool to have baby elephants visit a hotel.

Girls Gettin' Tough

Some kind of All-Star jam. Wish I would have been there.

who has a nice buzz going, will take a taxi to JW Marriott and hopefully watch the Packers get their shit together.

chuckled at the Hindi/English sumnation of South Africa v. England Cricket match after watching a Viking loss.

will sleep in the guest room tonight. I'm predicting a swollen throated snore-a-thon.

rendant burritos aux haricots et la viande bovine.

enjoyed watching two unknown but hard hitting tennis pros smashing it this morning.

gets punchy without breakfast and then exercising.

uses sticks as tools. Basil looks on hopefully.

workout trousers are so ill fitting that he has a camel toe. (I'm talking about me here)

resists the urge to correct spelling errors. He dies a little bit on the inside when seeing them.

I have a friend who took a quiz on what colour her heart is. Here's what mine looks like. (pictured here would be a human heart)

ai yi yi!

LOVES when Lyra picks up an English accent while playing with the children next door. Sometimes it sticks for weeks!

breakfast this morning consisted of the remnants of Lyra's "dipped out" egg yolk and her unfinished glass of skimmed milk. Three mugs of coffee and two uneaten grapes filled out this balanced meal.

I don't know if this paints any kind of a picture of my life. I think it might. Leave a comment if you want me to elaborate on any of these subjects. I've been kind of at a loss for words for this blog.

*Not their real names.


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