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9:34 p.m. - 2009-09-29
Tennis and Desert Drumming

My tennis playing had reached a plateau where it leveled off at 'total shite' so I signed up for some lessons. I've had four and I'm glad that I did because Rajesh (sp?) has already given me pointers and told me things that I'm doing wrong.

Today, when I went to meet him I was admiring a group of instructors hitting against two women in a sort of doubles drill. Whoa! Talk about hitting it hard. I was invited to join up with others on an adjacent court where another large group of instructors were drilling. It seems they were having some kind of 'in-service' training.

There was a British bloke there who I'd never seen before who told me about this thing which I found out was this Friday. They are having an evening of free lessons / drills where all nine of the courts are being used for a series of drills or, instruction on various aspects of the game. I guess if you go to it, you can get 20 minutes each on a bunch of stuff. You rotate between stations is the way I understand it.

So without any warm up, we did this thing where the court is divided up into five zones. You start deep beyond the baseline where you're just supposed to get it over the net. Then, you zig forward to wherever the ball is and hit it cross court. Number three moves closer still and that's supposed to be where you hit a winner down the line and so on and so forth. It was kind of fun and I sucked badly but later on, my guy and I did some similar things and it was pretty good. More fun than just hitting volleys.

So I'm looking forward to doing this thing on Friday evening even though we have plans to go to Desert Drums with the neighbours right after. I text messaged my tennis buddy Roger to let him know and he's planning on coming too.

Desert Drums is where there's a massive drum circle thing out in the desert where food and camel rides and stuff like that is included. They have a bar too but I might just omit that (ha!) as I think I'll be wiped out from all the tennis.


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