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6:06 p.m. - 2009-08-29
Ramadon't Party

Last night we had our gathering where we ate pork, drank alcohol and generally partied which are all things that are forbidden especially during the Holy Month Of Ramadan.

It was a mad house of kids. I showed two of the boys my guitar collection but didn't plug in at all as I wanted to discourage them from wanting to strum or try them out.

I was pretty busy all day and was very sweaty and very much appreciated Jens putting together the kabobs while I jumped into the pool for a bit. It was also good to have Jim helping me keep the BBQ on nice and low as the pork roasts turned out very well. They had no layer of fat on them so I put some fat from some unsmoked belly on top of them. It was my best brined meat experiment so far. I take it that both of my meat thermometers are way off as they never reached over 150 degrees F. Pork is supposed to be 190 ish. They were done though, tender and moist.

I think we had 20 people over. My beans which had been slow cooking for well over 24 hours were really good. The only thing that was subpar was the brown jasmine rice which was still pretty good with saffron, vegetable stock and toasted pine nuts. Needed just a touch more water.

The chicken tawook (tawouk?) (tawok?) in the words of Jim, "rocked" and I must say, the marinade of yougurt, garlic, white pepper and salt made them nice and succulent.

I maintained sipping beer throughout the day while being busy. I woke up very early. The house was mad with kids ranging in age from four to 11 years old.

Tomorrow is Lyra's first day of school and I plan on hitting the gym after drop off. During Ramadan, school let out around 1:15 which is two hours early. Kind of a drag but it eases the kids into the routine.

Now I need to record an album. Wish me luck in sticking to this endeavour.


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