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11:52 a.m. - 2009-08-26

So we're going to have a party on Friday here at our place. Two guests in particular are going to be staying a few days with us as they're leaving to live in Yemen and they will be missed. We've not known them long enough and I hope that our paths cross a few more times while we're still living in Dubai. It's funny because the last 'slumber' party we had it was Kyle who stayed over with their daughter while Liz partied elsewhere and this time, Liz and Ze will be staying over while Kyle holds down the fort in Sanaa.

We'll also have another very good set of friends, a family of four crashing over in our guest room. Maybe. Just maybe, we'll have a sing along but not if I don't get my ass in gear.

I think I'll scale back on the fancy food and do some easy, yet tasty chicken kabobs and sausages for the kids. Either way, it'll be Haram (forbidden) to do what we're doing.

If all the people come who say they're coming, we'll have, like 19 people here. We can sleep quite a few of them in the guest room and my boys room and, if we HAD to, could put more in the open areas. It's up to them.

I made up a new word. The meal that breaks a fast during Ramadan is called Iftar. Some people drive like maniacs trying to get home to break the fast. Others, like us don't fast and, in fact, go the 'anti' route and live it up. We're all 'iftards.'


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