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8:55 p.m. - 2009-08-18
Puncture This!

There seems to be an inordinate amount of sharp detritus that I find laying around the road when I'm walking Basil or, just anywhere. It often finds its way into our tires.

I'm not kidding! When Julie was out before we returned to Dubai, she picked up a number 2 (60d) nail (spike) just on the tread bit of her sidewall. The guy would not plug it even though I told him it was only for the spare. Funnily, the spare that she has on has virtually the same puncture repaired on IT! So I had the guy mount a used tire.

The right rear on the FJ had a slow leak and, when out having a fag this morning I noticed not one, but two nails practically side by each. Were I paranoid, I'd suspect sabotage.

If it wasn't so hellishly hot, I'd buy a puncture repair kit and do it myself but it IS damn hot so I paid the 69 dollars for a used tire and quick repair. You should have seen the sweat dripping from this poor bloke.

It was also dripping off of ME this evening as we began sorting out our stuff to put into two new cabinets from Ikea that we've put into our garage to use our space better.

I have these heavy appliance rollers left over from an aquarium idea I had and, when wrestled under these cabinets, they put them badly out of square so they're sitting on the garage floor instead of being beneath the cabs. I wanted them there in case of any leakage from the hose. They're made out of that fibre board stuff that does NOT like getting wet. Fortunately, when at Ace Hardware, I bought a new tap fitting and the hose does not leak anymore.


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