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4:56 a.m. - 2009-08-17
We Live With Some Great Family Members

I'm not bragging when I say that we have the absolute best pets. Right now, Jet Girl is kneading my leg and purring like crazy. Peter is his usual brilliant self always greeting us in the mornings (it's not just his brekkies he's after) and always goes up to Lyra's room for storytime.

I took Basil for his evening walk after polising off the excellent salad I made for dinner and there were no distractions for him which is good as I had him off leash. When I put him into a 'stay' to throw his poop into the bin across the street, he was rock solid. I didn't even need to remind him at all and when I hand signalled him to come, he ran to me with a lot of zest. I think he's so happy to have us all back. After I gave him 'Basil Scratches' he proudly walked along with his head held high.

I love our animals.

Jet Girl was taking to jumping onto the counters and then to the fridge in order to go way up high above the kitchen cabinets. It's impressively cute but comes with a downside. She's taken to meandering along the rest of the counter tops. She runs the risk of burns (maybe) and also, being the shedder that she is, would get hair all over the place. The topper came today when I heard her horking a hairball and, after finally making it to the kitchen, noticed it was ON THE COUNTER which was easily cleaned. I now have set up cereal box obstacles to discourage her mountain lion ways.

She'll hang out a little more now; having to deal with Peter's occasional haranguing which sometimes includes a bit of dry humping -- pretty impressive for a fixed male.

In our house, it's ok for our cats to be incestuous with their adopted (feline) siblings.

Go Peter! Go Peter! Go Peter!


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