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8:47 a.m. - 2009-07-19
Been A Long Time Since I Rock And Rolled

I can't even remember the last time I logged an entry here. I've been too busy having fun and child minding. I think I've been in The States now for nearly a month (three weeks?) and have been to Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and back to Wisconsin again. I've been crowned a king with Julie my queen and that included a free 12 pack of beer.

When we came back to MKE we were at this neighbourhood gathering we always try to make because it's a great way to see friends and we were nominated for 'Neighbours Of The Week' because we 'came from such a long way' to attend. The benefits of being an expat carry quite far. I liked greeting the throng in Arabic and wished I didn't always make faux drunk faces for the photos that were taken.

I think I mentioned our visit to Michigan where we rented scooters.

We drove 160+ miles to go to a wedding party in Northern Wisconsin and came back the same night in order to drive to The Twin Cities for our 'too short' visit with Julie's family. It's always a whirlwind thing and I can't wait to move back (we'll see how I feel during the first winter).

We looked at a house for sale that I've admired for years and put an offer in on it. Will be surprised to actually get it but if we do, we'll finally have a place that's conducive to having a party that has more than a dozen or so people in attendance. Like the place we have but this has a nice shady garden with a fireplace and a rumpus room with a bar. Rock on! I'd talk about it more but already jinxed it enough.

Last night we went to a graduation party for my first cousin once removed Nick who got his Master's degree. I have a LOT of cousins who are pretty tight. I was glad that Archie brought some guitars along. Somebody tuned up the 12 string and that's what I played. Wanted to leave at a reasonable hour (they can go an awfully long time) so said our goodbyes and Lyra was bummed to have to leave. I should have put her to bed because I was afforded the chance to go out but she stayed awake watching a video and by that time, I was done. Now I regret not going but also am happy to feel energized this morning. I'd probably not even enter this if I had gone out.

Let's see. What else has been going on?

Lyra's in a nature day camp all next week for the afternoon. Perhaps I'll try and get the garden back into shape some more. A friend said something to the effect of: "I alwayd wondered why you were out there so often, and now I understand." It's overgrown, weedy, unkempt. I suppose some people don't see the joy of working the Earth. No matter though. The stuff I planted requires little maintenance to look ok but it does require a bit of weeding and trimming to look tip top.

This Friday is the 24 hour bike race and we're trying to organise a team meeting. I need to buy a helmet and gloves this week. My friend Kevin is letting me use his Gary Fisher bike which means I should get some biking shoes or tape my feet to the pedals (which is what I'll probably wind up doing). Kevin and his family have agreed to keep Lyra overnight for this thing which I'm very thankful for.

I raced Julie's RX8 up Oklahoma Avenue yesterday when I went to Walgreens. What a beast! 90MPH in no time and oil smells eminating from under the bonnet. Better check the oil level soon. Rotary engines use a bit of oil in their operation. I'm glad nobody died during my foolishness.


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