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8:18 p.m. - 2009-06-07
Gag Me

I have a touch of sleep apnea compounded a bit if I have a highball or two. I am not positive of this because I never have been recorded. All I know is from the anecdotal evidence of being poked, jabbed, prodded or otherwise woke from blissful slumber which usually elicits a gentle acknowledgment from me.

I was told by another that if I use those nasal strip things like a running back uses it's supposed to help. Also, taping the mouth shut works wonders if one doesn't have sinus congestion. I tried it out the other night.

I don't have the strips but did buy some cheap first aid tape for my mouth. I fell asleep just fine. Unfortunately, I woke up with heartburn and needed to take a couple of Tums and had was able to force some past the corners of the tape.

I'll give it a go tonight because I had a few sangrias.

Hope I don't die.


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