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5:12 p.m. - 2009-06-06
Quiz About Me

I was just playing around with a Facebook type thing.

Section One. True / False

1) Russ likes Scotch whiskey more than beer.

2) Russ was a descant in a choir.

3) Russ is the fifth of six children.

4) Russ is a divorcee.'

The following true / false pertains to Russ

5) Went to a Catholic high school

6) Attended two universities

7) Has done 40 Hours Of Devotion three years in a row.

8) Has broken both of his arms.

9) Bled from his ear.

10) Has used heroin.

Section Two. Multiple Choice

1) Russ' Stage Name In The Social Deviates was:

a) Deviate Number 2
b) Alonso Knife
c) Ed Phlegm
d) Dog Dirt
e) Tommy Quiver

2) Russ' wife's middle name is:

a) Marie
b) Ann
c) Elizabeth
d) (none)
e) Lawrencine

3) Russ had a black dog in the 70's. His name was:

a) Glen
b) Shoep
c) Scraps
d) Midnight
e) Czarnie

4) As a teen, probably Russ' favourite game was:

a) Penalties
b) Indian
c) Bloody Murder
d) Wagon racing
e) H O R S E

5) Russ hates 'which one' the most:

a) vacuuming
b) laundry
c) doing the dishes
d) waxing the car
e) shaving

6) Russ' favourite band right before 'turning on' was:

a) The Guess Who
b) Starlight Vocal Band
c) The Beatles
d) Chicago
e) Creedence Clearwater Revival

7) Russ favourite band right after 'turning on' was:

a) Black Sabbath
b) T-Rex
c) Styx
d) Deep Purple
e) Mott The Hoople

8) Russ uses:

a) a Fender Super Reverb
b) a Fender Bassman
c) a Fender Showman
d) a Fender Vibroverb
e) a Laney LC15

9) Russ' first SIX STRING electric guitar that HE PURCHASED:

a) Harmony Rocket
b) Gibson Les Paul
c) Fender Stratocaster
d) Gibson Melody Maker
e) Vox Phantom

10) Russ' preferred aquarium fish are:

a) platys
b) neons
c) pirahna
d) South American cichlids
e) African cichlids

Check your answers below.


1.false He drinks beer the most
2.true He did a holiday concert at the Milwaukee Arena
3.true He has one younger bro and four older sibs
4.false currently happily married to his first wife
5.false Went only to a Catholic grade school
6.false only UWM
7.false did 'one' out of 40 hours three years in a row as an altar boy
8.true in fifth grade and again in 1985
9.true in a bad sledding accident
10.false NEVER. He even stopped using morphine in a hospital stay.


1. a AND b. Was Deviate Number 2 for only the first gig (I think)
2. d. Julie has no middle name
3. d. Midnight.
4. b. Indian. A two on two baseball match-up
5. c. Dishes
6. d. Chicago
7. e. Mott The Hoople
8. b, d and e but the Vibroverb is his first choice.
9. d. Gibson Melody Maker purchased from his friend who wanted to buy a gun. I kept forgetting to pay him. I didn't include my Fender Mustang 'bass' guitar which I DID have first. See above for both.
10. e. African Cichlids

Tell my how you did.


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