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6:52 a.m. - 2009-06-06
All Wet

Our neighbours kindly invited us to their place for a party. We made some peachy white sangria adding some brandy, some syrup and some 'macerated in brandy' and also sliced peaches. Half a glass of that mixed with ginger ale was really tasty.

I slipped away to take my 'no smoking' drug. I believe it's more psychological at this point but there still might be some physical addiction as it's been less than a week. It took the edge off quite quickly.

We re-supplied me with 56 days worth yesterday and will probably get at least 56 more days worth before heading back. I LOVE this stuff (even though it's expensive). Last year at this time, I quit by willpower (I don't care enough for that alone) and Zyban and started up again by bumming them off of family. With this varenicline, I think I 'could' be a social smoker but only while I'm taking it. I won't tempt fate -- probably.

Lots and LOTS of kids were there last night and I got soaked chucking some of them into the pool. I'm glad I was able to get out of it by excusing myself to change clothes. It was fun but flinging them out there could have whacked them on the side of the pool if I were to slip.


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