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11:17 a.m. - 2009-06-04
You Become Naked

Various and sundry.

Rocket attacks in Lebanon:

The guy I play tennis with was born in 1975 and used to have to go into shelters when ballistic rockets would fly in Beirut. They lived in an apartment block. Talk about something most of us could never relate to.

He told me that he needs to go back to vote because Parliament mandates that you go vote in person. He's not happy about this and that means we won't play tennis on Sunday this week.

He'd like to go to Beirut when we go and visit so he can show us around. That'd be nice but not necessary (nor fun for him, I figure, as we have a six year old in tow).

The smoking cessation drug I'm taking:

After tennis I sometimes go and have some beer and a snack. I didn't even smoke while drinking but there's something about going through the motions of smoking that was missing. Can't replace THAT part of the smoking mystique. I'm going on four days of being smoke free. I better cop up a few months supply of varenicline for back home. It's available over the counter here.

Chantix dreams:

What's the protocol for discussing seeing many tens of your close friends naked in a dream?

I have lottery winning dreams. I'm one of those people that actually feel rather positive about winning a big one. Over the past couple of years there has been a recurring dream about owning a private club. It's usually based in a former factory space. It's a really cool dream that varies from time to time. In the most recent one, I dreamed the club had a nudity required stipulation. I don't remember if it was a 'special' night or if it was like that all the time. It must have been special because MANY more people were there than the usual few fully clothed buds.

The participants were far enough away to almost appear practically faceless. I mean I couldn't tell whether they shave or not.

I think the 'vivid dream' side effect of Chantix is acceptable. We were all there in our all together.

I've been going to the gym -- to walk mostly -- but I guess exercise is supposed to be good or something. I know that Henry Rollins got all muscle heady after he quit using and I'm not EVEN going in that direction but I am a bit vain.


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