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8:14 p.m. - 2009-06-01
I've Been Gone

Had some people over on Saturday which was part of a total pig-out kinda weekend. The day before we took taxi's to a posh brunch where we certainly got our monies worth with Moscow Mules alone.

The next day I had an abbreviated "Pork Fest" where my roasts turned out ok but I had a hard time cooking them slowly. I'm still coming to terms with the grill we bought. One family bugged out last minute so I had a lot of leftovers and now have a giant pot of bean soup that's really good.

Had even invited my tennis playing friend Roger over for Pork Fest. It was mellow but it was a school/work night so we started and finished before nightfall.

Played tennis last night and finally am getting a ground stroke back. I'm being less tentative. I won 10-4 but Roger had a sore lower back. Now if I can get some serves that do something and with speed. Maybe I'll take a lesson or two but it'll have to be at night because it's really hotting up here.

I've been shopping on ebay for some stuff. I'm even lowballing on yet another Sea Foam Green 95 Stratocaster. I think they'll go up in value so that's why I'm doing it. It has an ebony fingerboard which I've not seen in my other two. I don't like it as much as the maple variety.

Maybe I'll add more later on. I'm just blasting out some stuff to get it down.


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