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6:46 p.m. - 2009-05-20
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow ....

My cat loves the home made cat food and I think he's putting on some weight -- and having better formed stools but I digress. When he wants it, he takes his annoyance technique to a higher level (see the heading).

In my haste to make dinner tonight, with Peter meowing his ass off, I 'schuffed' my best paring knife out of the way and if fell onto the floor, breaking neatly in half. I'm bummed. I think it may have been a wedding present. I have lots of good knives but only one of those. It's a Henckels, Junkers, Wusthof or 'vatever das ficht ist is.'

Lyra just said 'DAMN IT' because her throat hurts. I taught her two alternatives. I don't know where she hears it but I asked her and she says it's from me. From when I stub my toe according to her. I guess she chooses to tune out Julie's F-bombs.

Lyra woke up half an hour early today. I'd already been awake for nearly that long. I went into the 'boys room' where I keep all my stuff and nearly had a fist fight with one of the closets. Shit kept falling, hangars were breaking and it made me start yelling at poor Julie as I blamed her for storing formal gowns in my trouser closet. She threatened to stay at a hotel so 'she could get some sleep.' Cooler minds prevailed.


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