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4:27 p.m. - 2009-05-17
Double Take

On Facebook, they have these 'vampire applications' that scan the profiles of the people who use them and also those of their friends. I find them to be mostly upsetting, mildly amusing, often pointless and sometimes understand how they might be fun. I think I'd miss status updates or even important messages if I were to let them go into my newsfeed. I 'hide' them 99% of the time. I looked to see how many I've banned from my feed and it's approaching 300! I've had people get defensive if I publicly take the piss out of the act of using these apps.

I was picking up some groceries and a woman there did a MASSIVE double take when looking at me. I have a two week beard going, was wearing my black baseball cap and wearing my glasses. I wonder who I looked like to her. She kept looking out of the corner of her eye as if she were trying to place me from somewhere or thought I looked like somebody else. I used to get that happening to me quite a lot before I started shaving my head.

My beard is getting thick. I have not done any trimming on it as of yet.


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