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9:51 p.m. - 2009-05-14
Islamic Wonderings

When my sister and brother in law were here, one of the things we did was to hear some stuff on Islam at the Jumeirah mosque. I'd been saving this for their visit and heard good things about it.

We were a tiny bit late and were fortunate enough to be admitted. We took off our shoes and went in sitting on the chairs for the elderly. I hate sitting on floors, blankets, the ground. I either have to be sitting or completely reclined. Can't stand that shit.

We saw a sample prayer and I figured, why even do it at a mosque? It takes like five minutes. We learned how cool an abaya is, how they can wear whatever they want (or don't want) beneath them, that they're black due to modesty issues. We also learned that the abaya is a cultural, not religious thing. I knew all that already. But some stuff was new to me.

I found out that Muslims have an angel on each shoulder and each one "writes down" good deeds (right shoulder) and the other, bad deeds. There are ways to get bad deeds erased, not confession but has the same results. It got me to thinking. Do ass eaters get a lot of good marks? What about women who swallow?

I'm looking forward to eternity in Paradise.

I wanted to ask if there was a preferred English translation of the Holy Quran but I don't really care.


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