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11:16 a.m. - 2009-05-05
The Axis Of Culinary Evils

I wrote a letter to 7Days, the free daily paper here poking fun at the pork ban that's due to take effect because of the swine flu hysteria (Thanks asshole media!). Then I went to Spinney's to gather up some more pigmeat.

Good thing I bought all that bacon last week because they are OUT of my Wisconsin made Oscar Meyer brand. Yes, I KNOW, there's probably bacon that's better for me but I like this stuff just fine.

There was a European woman two persons in front of me buying her ass off much of the pork deli meats and I was giving her the thumbs up for her 1/3 trolley full of the stuff. I struck up a conversation with her telling her how much I liked the German Frankfurters (have three packages in reserve) and she corrected me saying those were from Austria (as she herself was) and saying that the Austrian stuff is better than the German stuff which she claims is more full of starches, sugars and preservatives. We looked at labels together and she was saying that it's 1/3 the price in Austria.

When leaving I noticed there were some spring onions from Mexico there. First I was surprised that they were selling them and secondly, I was sorry I had already checked out and didn't get some.

Not many readers of the blog lately. I'm sorry. I've been a bit boring lately and have not sent out any notifications for awhile.

When walking up to the shop today, I saw, yet again, a woman wearing gossamer white trousers where you could see her knickers underneath. I'm not sure if I appreciate it more or feel sorry for those that do it. Maybe they're just being rebellious because they may as well be nude with their bums wiggling and jiggling and their pants and trousers riding up giving themselves wedgies.

Or maybe I'm just a perv. Either way, I notice it and blog about it.

At your service.


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