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5:53 p.m. - 2009-05-03
If You Remove Just One Letter

'Pests' becomes 'pets' and that's how Geometridae order Lepidoptera become the newest additions to the family.

One of the greens we planted for Lyra to take care of became infested with inchworms. It's a pak choy type of green that is great in stir fries and pasta dishes and the most well loved staple of Sara, Marshmallow and the other four siblings that are now making their home in Lyra's creature keeper.

They have a good home with fresh bedding, a nice piece of bark, cotton balls all of which were hopefully going to be the home of the next spider or gecko. I tried to capture a five inch lizard yesterday before I discovered the little green caterpillars who'd been dining on our crop, but it was too fast for me.

So, they are welcome to enjoy what they've already started eating of what is left of the best growing of the three greens we planted.

I almost bought some romaine but figured it would kill them with whatever pesticide might be on them. Lyra is already in love with them and I even found the inchworm song and the 70's toy commercial on you tube which she's been singing to them.

This is the second pest we've kept the first being the palm weevil, Ringo.

I'm glad that we're not tempted to put out food for the feral cats.

We get at least one flyer left on our door each day. I usually just throw them in the recycle bin but the latest one was for a place called Swedish Pizza whieh intrigued me. It looks like your bog standard pizza place, you know, with taboulleh, mezze, pizzas (never with pork ... boo!) but this one had chicken schnitzel and meatballs on the menu too. Those items are NOT on pizza because that would just be weird.


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