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12:05 p.m. - 2009-05-02
The Latest On Sandstorms, Glutes, Pigs ...

The rather large dust (can't really call it sand) storm today is probably heralding in the Summer heat although I hope it will bring at least two weeks of cooler temperatures for my sister and her husbands visit.

I've been admiring asses; not so unusual in and of itself but the asses here are more delectable than at home. Here are some of my findings:

I've noticed for a long time now that olive green trousers on women, whether they're military styled or not really seems to accentuate curves in a way I like.

Checking out a veiled woman's body is a whole different kind of adventure; you don't. You notice instead their perfume. Or, for a Yemeni woman who shows only her eyes and feet, you admire their eye make-up which, on an unveiled woman would be over the top (probably). I laughed to myself today when thinking about it. "Niiiice toenails!" Erm. I suppose a bit of mystery is alright.

I went to Spinney's today to see if they were still selling pork and was pleased to see that they were. I think once they sell out their warehouse supplies, it'll be done until they feel there isn't a risk of flu from schweinfleisch. I began to hoard things I could freeze. I bought maybe four pounds of bacon, a pound of fresh sausage of the English variety, 16 German natural casing wieners and a couple slices of pate'. I fully expect my blood serum cholesterol levels to skyrocket but, what a way to go!

I've been in a world of hurt.

The latest pain is from sunburn. Here's something to remember: If you're under an umbrella near a pool, wear sunscreen anyway. The reflection from the water and light coloured ground WILL burn you. I knew this but didn't slather it on enough in certain places -- like my lips.

Because my exercise levels have also began to get back to where they should be, I've had a fair amount of muscular aches. Julie put some Vicks on me last night. I never really used it for pain but it felt good and I think I slept better than I had been as of late.


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