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5:31 a.m. - 2009-05-01
Here Comes The Weekend

The family is looking forward to a whole lotta nuthin' for the next couple of days and we need that. We need time at home not having a party (or going to one). They're not like PARTY parties, just gatherings. We need to sit around a pool sipping drinks and noshing. We need to swim.

But first, I have to hit tennis balls with Roger for a couple of hours IN a couple of hours. Again, I'm awake about four hours early. Julie says I've been staying up late. She spies on my wakefulness by noting my Facebook posting times.

Lyra's getting pretty good on piano. I think she can read music better than me already. I play by ear, the African way!

I heard they're pulling pork products from the shelves here but I also heard that one can go to Spinneys and get pork so maybe I'll try and score some pig-meat that can be frozen and that will fit into our freezer.

A woman wants to move into our 'maids room' and be our maid. That room, complete with shower, lavatory and commode is acting as our garage / basement. The offer is that she'd work three hours a day for us in exchange for living quarters. It's tempting.

Would we need to get her a bed? Would she be able to cook stinky food in our kitchen at all hours of the day or night? Would we need to provide her a fridge? So many questions!

Before you go off thinking we're all posh and shit, don't. Nearly ALL places here have a maid's room. It is what it is.

I started going back to the gym now that it's warming up. I should have STAYED going because now I'm sore as shit mostly on my right side where the pains epicenter seems to be the right tricep. I hear the Vicodin, mistakenly transported here, calling me from upstairs: "I'm SO good with a beer ...."


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