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1:59 p.m. - 2009-04-22
Semolina Pilchard

Nope. This isn't about a Beatles song.

I have been considering making home made pet food, mostly for the cats as the foods here aren't well liked nor that well tolerated.

I've had a recipe from Dr. Aziz on the fridge for months and made a bit of a go with it using some tuna out of a tin, some old bread and frozen spinach. The cats liked it, a little.

Today, I decided to do a full batch using chicken livers and sardines (pilchards actually judging from their size) as the base. The kilo of sardines looked nice and fresh so I decided on them rather than some frozen product. I figured I'd cook them up and process them whole with the rest of the ingredients 'Bass-O-Matic" style.

When I opened the cello package, I found out they were not gutted so I went ahead and gutted them. I took the heads off too and they're in the oven now. Before composing this entry, I did a little research on sardines (one minute Wiki speed read) and found out that many that are in a tin aren't eviscerated but they should NOT have feces in them. They put them in a tank to shit out what's in them.

While gutting them, they seemed rather devoid of real nastiness. I offered Peter and Bas a chunk of guts and they didn't seem enthused so maybe I did the right thing. The food they've been eating their entire lives quite likely had all kinds of junk in it but maybe the raw thing turned them off.

When Pete was younger, I fed him a live fish from the aquarium that had been beat up and wasn't going to make it. He enjoyed it then.

When I was gutting them, I saved many of the livers and chucked them into the oven with the fish. I just fed one to Peter who ate it piping hot. The skins are crispy so I'll see how they like those straight before grinding up the whole batch. I DO NOT want to bone the little fuckers.

By the way, sardines are really GOOD for you. High in that Omega 3 fatty acid stuff and very LOW in mercury. So tear open a package of saltines and have at it. You might stave off Alzheimers. It could happen!


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