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12:02 a.m. - 2009-04-22
10 S NE 1

I always liked hitting a tennis ball back and forth the trouble is, in a game setting, I dish it right up to the other player. Tonight I was about as 'on' as I've been. I screwed up plenty but had some good winners and even a couple of trick shots including a fairly reliable serve that IS slow, but does spin.

I'm glad I met this Roger fellow in the league. We're evenly matched but he's more of a beginner than me. I think that because he's younger and more nimble, he can get to stuff that A) I can't or B) I won't bother.

I was getting most serves in and MAYBE had but one double fault if that. I hit too many into the net but not too many beyond the baseline. I didn't hit with a lot of power but had Roger running his ass off a few times and I even hit a backhand cut shot winner and nearly falling over after making it. It felt good to actually have a kind of a zone. That's very rare for my wandering mind.

It must have been the carbo loading of three helpings of the awesome pasta dish I made using up a whole smoked chicken amongst other things.

Might go to WOMAD on Friday with the family. It's way the piss out in Abu Dhabi and I'm envisioning a traffic nightmare but, oh well. I've never done a WOMADDY thing but I like ethnic music just fine.


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