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9:19 a.m. - 2009-04-15
Not Enough To Dream Last Night

I had a great dream where I was in Barack Obama's inner circle of research assistants. I needed to find out about some Turkish history but, as in life, I was out and about enjoying the sights so I put off the research a little bit and the libraries only had grade school texts about Turkey so I worried a lot about my finished product. There was no internet in this dream.

One of the places I visited in dreamland had me in a team contest climbing a steep incline using a rope. The incline had mud flowing down it the whole time so it wasn't easy, nor hard as I reached the top in a tie with another team that had a friend from Nashville in it. It was good to see Khristie and Larry (although Larry had shrunk to four feet tall).

The dream was a lot of fun with a bit of worry thrown in. The description doesn't do it justice.

I played my last match of the tennis league last night and lost but I could and should have been closer. It's all about unforced errors. I had a couple of aces so that's something.

With the kids on break, we're off to Ras al Khaimah tomorrow for a couple of nights.

Lyra is screwing up on her piano practicing a bit. She's getting frustrated and dawdling. It's annoying. I have to go reset the timer and stand over her. It's difficult keeping our composure.


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