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11:10 a.m. - 2009-04-12
Just Stuff

I never finished the last entry and I don't think this one'll be any better. I don't know how descriptive this one will be. Don't hold your breath.

Lyra has laryngitis. She has caught up on a lot of sleep and seems ok. She and I have some errands we must address.

I need to get a wiring problem (right headlight) fixed on the Mazda. I'm not going to try it. Too dusty, too hot, and too frustrating as I don't derive pleasure from wrench turning unless I have some buddy with me and there's some Pabst involved.

We need to book Bas and the cats into Casa Aziz, the name Dr. Aziz should give to his boarding kennel and cattery. It's for a month that Julie will be away so with the cats in their senior years, we'll feel better that they have some pros near to them; a cat nursing home if you will.

We had "Easter" on Good Friday coupling an awesome lamb dinner with, what else, cocktails, etc. It turned into a slumber party for the kids and (most) of the adults so no cabs or driving was needed. Late night swim woke the guys up for another tipple or two.

Our neighbours had us over for home made Biryani which was very good. Soon it'll be time to have them over for supper again. Still need to have many over for a finger food only cocktail gathering.

Maybe I'll even bring the stereo down rather than listen to the tiny speakers on my Mac. Maybe I'll get some better speakers for this machine. There's so much to listen to on the web not to mention the growing list of songs on my itunes.

We're looking forward to a quiet week before we hit it again in Ras al Khaimah. We're going with another family for a short two nighter at a beach resort.

Lot's of delicious leftovers for tonights supper.

I was going to mention the last trip I took to Ace Hardware. I don't think I speak English very well when it comes to hardware store needs. Do you understand this question? "Hi. Could you tell me where I can find glue traps? Where do you keep your insecticides?" All I managed to procure was a half mile walk from one side of the store to the next. I only asked hoping to save time. I can get carried away if I wander a hardware store very much. Ooooo! I NEED a good little pipe wrench!


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