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5:41 p.m. - 2009-03-18
St. Patrick's Day

My computer has been scaring me lately. The clock in the room where we 'compute' fell and broke so, in order to remind myself of appointments, I turned on the 'Vicki' voice on my Mac to tell me the time at the top of hour. If the volume is turned up, it gives me a little start.

I've been playing a lot of guitar lately. More than I usually do because when we go back home for the Summer, there's a possibility that one, two or even three of my bands might hook up for some gigging. So it's time to play about 100 songs over and over and over again. The sheer number makes it not so boring and I play this song using a lot of double picking and a bit harder edged like her.

Julie's in Brussels this week so I've been a single Baba. I don't mind for me but I wonder how much Lyra and Julie pine for one another. I've been spoiling Lyra a tiny bit, surprising her with cookies instead of healthy after school snacks. I like the reaction I get which is not one of delight, rather, something incredulous akin to: "Huh? Are you sure?"

I was able to step out a little for St. Patrick's day. I knew about it but didn't think to arrange for child care. I also arranged a play date with one of Lyra's classmates family, sans dad. I made some lentil soup, salad and crusty bread. The girls played a lot and Liza the mom, did homework with her older daughter before letting them play. Her husband had told me he was heading out for some pints so I met them at The Irish Village which is connected to our health club. Liza had graciously offered to put Lyra to bed before Myla came over to sit.

We chatted with Rahm, the finance director for this complex who filled me in on how it's run. It's all owned by Dubai Duty Free which is owned by Dubai Airports which I guess is the nephew of Sheikh Mohammaed. If the nephew runs that, imagine what the immediate family rakes in. I wish I were a benevolent dictator. I think my kingdom would be as messy as my room was when I was younger. 'Come taste Russendine and don't mind the dried vomit while wading through the laundry.' It would totally be better than Cairo (Egypt, not Illinois).

They had a stage set up and some fair to middlin' acts performed the best being the Irish flavoured stuff. Tons of people having fun and women sporting what seems to be a trend lately: Thin white trousers that lets the underwear show through. Looks ok unless they're wearing gaudy printed knickers. When they wear thong bikini pants under those trousers, it leaves little to the imagination. That's ok though. I don't like to use my imagiation.


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