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10:27 a.m. - 2009-03-15
The Weekend Report

We had parties to go to on Thursday and Friday that necessitated getting a sitter.

Thursday night we went to a barbeque at Julie's boss' house. I had a couple of beers (I don't like Amstel Light) and met a bunch of people who I'll never remember. One woman there had total 'man hands' just like in that one Seinfeld episode. After shaking her ursine meat hook, I waited awhile before carefully checking her out. She nor her hands didn't seem out of proportion. Maybe she has a special shake where she extends her fingers outward instead of in an annular clasp. It felt firm. And they felt large.

They catered quite the spread. The lamb chops were awesome and they had many other Arabic delights including two kinds of stuffed grape leaves. I wish there had been a little more light on the food as it must have been as pleasing to the eye as it was to eat. Their garden is quite large and seems mature judging from the size of plantings. It had a waterfall coming out of the wall and bamboo growing near it. Quite the sensory experience I'm sure.

Friday night saw us at the annual Roundtable fund raiser for cleft palate fixin'. Roundtable is a mens fraternal club that does not allow guys over 45 years old unless they're at a fund raiser. They had a tasty three course dinner, dancing and an open bar into which I put far too big of a dent.

I think that due to the economy, less people showed up for it this year. And some guys were not in black tie. Come to think of it, neither was I. I was wearing my Mao inspired, Beatle-esque tux with a black yet more silvery tie. I was able to get a seat with my back to the wall, which I find comforting; but I had to look at these pictures of kids with their before and after cleft palate operations. Charming. Still, it's a great cause and I'm glad that we were invited even if we didn't win any raffle prizes.

We went with two other couples and sat with some others one of which, after awhile, I had asked to dance. Lorraine and I cut a rug to AC/DC's 'Shook Me All Night Long' and she is a really good dancer. I think she, as a septuagenarian may have unleashed in me, a little bit of a granny fetish.

Yesterday, we purchased a new barbeque. I don't know why we waited so long. We drove nearby to Hyper Panda hoping to find a Weber but to no avail. They had some appealingly tempting varieties of Cadac's, a South African brand. Julie and I discussed at length the merits of Weber grills but we couldn't find one not even at Ace Hardware. Ace actually had a better price on the Cadac 57cm model so we went with it. Hey! South Africans know a thing or two about barbeque even if their tri-lobed covered grill was inspired by Weber (or was it the other way around???).

The lamb from Thursday was so good, we've decided to do lamb chops tonight on the new grill. Baaaaaaaa! Nooooooo! Donnnn't eeeeeeat meeeeeeee!


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