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10:22 a.m. - 2009-02-12

I popped outside for a fag and opened the garage door and in rushed three cups (.709 litres) of sand which had accumulated due to a fairly strong wind that has risen. If it keeps up, I'll have to tell Lyra to pretend she's a camel and have her close her eyes slightly when she gets a faceful of this very fine but very sharp dust.

As mentioned previously, we have this 'entertainment' book with a slew of coupons for all kinds of things. Each day, I drive past the Four Seasons golf club and it always looks empty but really nice. It should be. It costs as much as Whistling Straits which is this golf course in Wisconsin that I'd play if I win the lottery. Alas, it's not included in the two for one offer booklet.

I kind of hate golf but played it occasionally until I started to hate it; when it started to border on serious. I like it to feel like a glorified picnic game on par (heh) with badminton, jarts, volleyball or 'peggy,' I now only go with my inner circle of friends who like to drink, etc. while doing it, then it's rather fun.

Still, I like solitude and I can remember a few times I went by my lonesome and aired out my thoughts while actually shooting some of the best rounds that I can think of. So on Tuesday, I think I'll be going to this place in Ras al Khaimah.

I really need to start researching somewhere to camp next weekend. We have not gone since last Winter and it's beginning to get warm here and there's no way I'm going when it's hot. I also hope to get out into the desert with some experienced dune drivers before too long. May as well make the best of living here.

There is such a lack of rock and roll in Dubai(non existent in my mind) that I'm forced to go see shows that I'd not consider ordinarily. These are major acts and I'm usually a small to medium sized venue sort of guy. A couple of months ago we saw Queen and they were good and tomorrow our neighbour and I are going to see Iron Maiden, a band I know nothing about now and knew nothing about when I saw them when I was a wee lad back in the day. I think they're English and I'll youtube a couple of their songs, or not and go blindly like I did at Summerfest in the early 80's. Shit! Can headbangers still bang heads after 30 odd years. I'm sceptical. I get in the mood for metal from time to time and will go see some stuff, oh once every year or so.

I just opened an email from Lyra's school with the program for Saturday's 4th Annual International Day celebrations. We're planning to go to some of this, being supportive parents and all, and I even thought of making a dish but by the time I was going to sign up for that, the sign up sheets came down.

We've also been invited over to a friends house for fajitas and we told them we'd bring the tequila and junk for margaritas. They have girls in the same school. It starts at Noon and goes til 5 o'clock. None of us were thinking of staying for the whole thing so maybe we'll leave a little after two in order to find out what is, and to take in, something listed as 'Tinkling Philipino.'


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