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3:45 p.m. - 2009-02-10
But Something Was Missing

So, there's an open audition this Friday at the community theatre here (DUCTAC) for a production of Annie. I've never seen it on stage or screen but there's something about me. Something ... about my look.



(cue music)

I've been in a surfband
(A punk band that too)
Been wonderin' bout acting
And wondered anew ...
But something is missing
(I didn't know then)
I can't get the part
'cause I'm travellin' again.

My hopes were a risin'
Looked up the old script
If only the synopsis
(Still had the songs picked)
Yes, something was missing
(I should've known then)
I cannot take part
'cause I'm travellin' again

Who thought I'd be in Turkey
With all our friends
Drinking raki
Who will my neighbours watch
Playing the dad,
The dad called Warbucks

It's easy to get over,
That childcare and shit
She'd miss all her classes
While I became a hiiiiiiit!

So maybe next time
Won't go anywhere
Maybe next time I'll be stayin' right here
But something is missing
I can't say with ease
That something
That something...


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