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7:11 a.m. - 2008-08-30
A Villa Remodel and Ivy League Schools

It started at 0600. The noise of a heavy loader dumping stuff into the empty bed of a large "tipper" truck. Across the street and just a villa or two away from ours there is a renovation going on to a nice looking "vintage" villa. I believe that it was being used as a small labour housing project. The loader was dumping a pile of cinder blocks about 10' X 40' X 10' into the truck.

These were taken out from behind the wall of the villa. I can only imagine that these were walls from small rooms because I can see the roof is still there, the shell of the original villa is still present. It has a new coat of paint on it and now if they fix the tiles on the roof, it'll look quite nice from the (non) curb.

We were discussing Lyra's University future and our hope of a prestigious Ivy League place. Here's us:

"Harvard, Yale, Tufts" and then we both say together, "Brown" and then Julie mentions perhaps a West Coast equivalent so Lyra can maybe live with or at least see a thriving Asian community so she gets inspired by some people other than nail techs. Milwaukee has it's drawbacks in this regard.

Or maybe Lyra can be a nail tech:

Hope you like the rotating videos I've been putting in that big blank space that used to reside at the top of the pages.


12:45 p.m. - 2008-08-26

My ma used to use the term mishmash from time to time. I assumed it meant a mess or mixture of things, stuff or ideas.

When I was shopping at the Hyper Panda store the other day, I noticed an interesting looking choice among the labneh (a kind of cream cheese) and other fresh cheesy things. It looked kind of like 7-layer salad as it had grated cheese atop of it but on closer inspection, it looked like a dip with chili oil poured over it before having that cheese grated on top of it.

It looked good and I saw that they were calling it Mish Masy. I happened upon it as I was looking for hummous so after I found that, I asked the guy about this -- Mish Masy. He said it's the bits of ALL the leftover cheeses (and probably some labneh) all mixed together and "a little spicy." Just as I suspected.

I tasted it and liked it. It was kind of like a goat cheese spread and I remember Jacques Pepin using up odd bits of cheese in a similar fashion. That's a good idea.

I purchased some and made a mishmash using some of that with some old ass Velveeta macaroni and cheese.

I wondered if the term mishmash had Arabic origins but it's from Middle English. Perhaps the "Masy" bit is leftover from Colonial India times.


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