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3:21 p.m. - 2008-08-19
Life's Lessons ... Poaching 101

So Lyra went over to Myla's house. Myla is a 30 something housekeeper from The Phillipines who also works for us.

Lyra was looking forward to this visit and received the necessary permission. I guess she watched Power Puff Girls. She was there for a few hours.

She returned with a birds nest COMPLETE WITH EGGS! According to Lyra, Myla "chased the mama bird away and gave me the nest." I'm guessing and hoping they were from a sparrow. She apparently has been promised a captured pigeon and cage.

Just TRY and explain the reasons why this isn't right and do it so the kid does not wig out; a kid who wants a pet bird.

We'll have to have a discussion tonight as the poaching filipina is caring for our child this evening while we parents go for a pub quiz.

Speaking of pubs, Hopfest, the local pre-Ramadan drink-a-thon is coming soon. I'll try to score tickets early as I don't think the forged hand stamp will work two years in a row.


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