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3:10 p.m. - 2008-08-14
Halfway To Plasticland

The kid and I are sitting at Heathrow. It's good that she can still find fun with Duplo. There's a set of twins here and the boy twin is named "Joshua" and that's a name that irks me.

Weird that we won't be back for another year. I hope that it's sooner.

I DIDN'T get my cd's back from a certain R. Satan and I hope he listens to them as often as I have. I think I have them on this hard drive.

The last two days whizzed by but most things were accomplished. I've left detailed instruction on what needs to happen at the house and my fingers are crossed.

A few days ago, Lyra and I went to the Doctor's office to inquire about the form for her new school that the MD needed to fill out. We also found out that the blood test was screwed up somehow and she needed to have another one drawn. She melted onto her knees as if coming across a murder scene.

I tried to calm her, but when it came time to do it, she tried to run. It took five to hold her down this time and she fought like no other child (according to the large nurse). She yelled "I HATE you" and gave large spit filled raspberries; very unlike her. I canceled the dentist appointment hoping her cavities fall out before they get too bad. I could go on and on about this but I'm tired of telling it.

We had to drive back from Michigan as the ferry was canceled. Instead of 2.5 hours it turned to 8. I was remarkably calm about it considering I had to add 3 hours just to get to the ferry and double back to begin the drive home.

I'm already dreading the heat. I wore long trousers maybe once while in London and The States even though I packed five or six to choose from. Thinking I'd feel chilled when it was in the 70's, I am glad to report that 85 and up feels just as bad as it did before leaving The Great Lakes Area over a year ago. I'm glad because that means I'm NOT acclimating to the hellish climate of Dubai.

I feel bad about Dubai right now but it'll pass and having said that, I don't want to see anybody for a few days except the family. I know that'll change quickly enough but, as I'm a non-smoker again (maybe) I think I'll be a rotten bastard for awhile.

Can't think of much else but thanks to everybody back home and sorry to everybody back home for not seeing more of you. It's hard work living it up and visiting! Perhaps my hangover will subside someday soon.


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