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4:08 p.m. - 2008-08-03
These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I'm sitting around on a Sunday, reading, watching terrestrial TV and cleansing my colon. Want to hear all about it?

K, here goes:

--Orange flavour Gatorade is practically drinkable.

--I can drink a quart of chicken stock.

--I'm drinking a really good creme soda called Boylands but it's "beer" expensive; and we're talkin' microbeers here.

Yesterday went fishing on Lake Michigan. With and Easterly wind we caught two perch and released both. The one I caught has (at least) a VERY sore throat. Hemostats are best for swallowed hooks. We didn't have any on board. Greg is now known (at least for the moment) as "Goby Wan Kenobi" as he caught two of the exotic species. His kill rate (you're required by law to kill any) is a less than stellar 0 for 2. I had fun telling him that he throws goby's like a little girl.

When parking by the bait shop, a wise acre asked me if I was "Ms Jewl" because of personalized license plates on Julie's car. I quickly mumbled that it was the CARS name which clammed him up. I know it's her "trade mark" plate but sometimes I wish it weren't.


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