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11:46 a.m. - 2008-07-25
Magic Mirror On The Wall

So, like I'm busy planning my day, getting staged for a laundry load, keeping an eye on the weather and warning the little 'un to start getting ready to leave when I realise that I've not shaved in a few days. That's not such a terrible thing when It's two days but three, and I look like cancer guy biding my time til I draw my last breath. I need to admire myself a bit more as my ears, nose and brows can, without warning become quite hirsute.

The lack of routine that I've had this past week has caused me to only shave sporadically and often times shave just the scalp or sometimes just my face. I'm not saying I have the grooming habits of a crack head but when I looked into the mirror as I was brushing my teeth: Whoa!

My eyebrows were like divining rods pointing in every direction except laying with the grain. Ear hair? Yup. It's now trimmed. Need to keep an eye on my "neck mole" lest I begin looking like a Sikh (I think they're the ones who don't cut their hair).

Well, I'm my old handsome self now except my scalp isn't shaved so I'm all furry. Perhaps I'll shave it before "Cocktails In The Park".

Check my previous pages as this is the first time I've put in a new page in, like months.


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