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12:25 p.m. - 2007-11-12
Giant plane Packer game
So I go to Champions Lame Sports bar hoping to watch the Packer game. Greeter looks at the schedule and no dice, but I didn't get my hopes up. Noticed that during the Pittsburgh / Clkeveland game that they were leading 7 - 0. Manager comes in and finds the Packer game so I watched it with a guy from DC who was hoping to catch the 'skins. So I missed the first TD. They looked real good! I wonder where my cousins were sitting.

I mispelled rubbish twice while writing in chalk around the bin: "PLACE RUBISH IN BIN" around the dumpster. Slobs! I will correct it: RUB^ISH tonight.

Dubai Airshow has been buzzing the villa. Saw what I thought (and what I found out WAS) an Airbus A380 doing very cool looking slow manouvres around on the way back from Hatekea (they don't have my wardrobe doors). I don't know that it was the size or in fact the speed of the craft but it was doing some low, slow banks, climbs, dives. Impressive.

Might have found a tennis partner.


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